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    Image quality problems Is anyone having trouble with the quality of display through Component-In? I've tried everything, I'm using an RGB to Component converter and I have been advised that I need a Video Scaling (and de interlacing converter) Will this make a difference as I think that there's one already present in the monitor??
    The problems I'm having are...
    1. Lip Sync is out when complex images are being sent
    2. Quality of image is poor - what I can only call 'contouring' which looks like there is no gradual shading but abrupt changes in colour, especially in low light images.

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    Oct 31, 2004
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    As chance would have it this is exactly the same monitor I have ;) and guess what very similar issues too.

    Primarily this unit seems to be targeted at industry as monitor and hence very little additional info on the web in the form of reviews etc.

    From reading info elsewhere on these very informative forums it would appear that an external scaler could well reap benifits on overall picture quality regardless by bypassing Samsung's internal analogue processing circuitry and presenting it as DVI (aka HDMI) to the sceen. But as you rightly suggest this is all there already so why should we have to pay and grand or so just because the one supplied in the monitor is so poor. :mad: In my mind a bit like buying a car with oval wheels, it works but is not a quality ride.

    With regard to lip sync issues, this is down to the length of time required to process and scale the picture and I would expect that the monitor should do this fast enough to avoid such issues however Samsung may have gone about this in a different way by delaying the audio through to thier own speakers. If you are using a surround amp etc. this might be why there are problems.

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