Samsung Sky HD box broken :( Sky offer recon box.


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I accidentally broke the white block connector socket off the top Sky HD navigation keypad on my Samsung HD box. The small square circuit board that has the 9 navigation buttons on that lives underneath the top circular keypad. I did this when changing my internal fans I had problems refitting the plastic cover and snap. boo hoo.

So now I can not use the top navigation pad or on/off button. Also for some reason the remote is not working either.

Luckily I still had my Sky+ box so I rang Sky just to see how much a replacement box would be as my HD box is not under warranty. They paired my Sky+ box no problem and I was told it would cost me £65 for an engineer to come out and replace my box. It would not be a new one but a reconditioned one. I do not quite like this idea so I said I would leave it for a while.

So I tried to source a replacement part, possibly from a faulty box Satcure and Digifix could not help. Probably would buy a faulty Samsung off of Ebay maybe just to get the part. Noticed some of the Amstrad boxes were going for less than £30. Possibly due to the free Sky HD box you can get now off the website if you have Sky+.

You appreciate how good the Sky HD SD picture is over HDMI when you have to switch back to Sky+ over scart!

Anyone have a sky navigation pad from a Samsung HD they want to sell me ?


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Did you ask Michael at Digifix if he could simply repair your navigation PCB? Chances are that he can solder a cable direct and do away with the connector.

(Sorry we couldn't help, by the way. Pace is the only manufacturer willing to supply spare parts. Good on them!)


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yeah I did thanks but he could not help. Going to see if I can get a faulty Samsung box.


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yes the remote has stopped working too so not sure whether the IR receiver has been damaged or its disabled when the top nav pad is removed.

Might buy a magic eye and use it in the 2nd rf port. Need to play about with it more but not had the time.

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