samsung sh855m picture freeze


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Could anyone please advise on the following problem with the above hdd/dvd recorder.
From time to time i have picture freeze from the hard drive-i have found that in the main it is from programs recorded at the same time at a weekend / ie i have recorded a programe on three weekends, at the same time, and they all freeze. I have also recorded films at night and found that sometimes they freeze ?. Once again the majority of recorded items play without any problem. The last film recorded, which was a three hour film froze after 40mins then on and off for the rest of the film.
I have a standard TV Areial and the signal strenth indicated shows between 55-73, on my Samsung lcd tv. I have a feeling that it MAYbe? the signal strenth with a popular programe but i'm cluching at straws.
At this time i have no picture problems through the TV set.
Thanking you in anticipation. :thumbsup:


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It does sound like a symptom of signal loss rather than any fault with the HDD. If signal drops or there is bit rate errors then the side effect when recording a DTV channel will be freezing/skipping.


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Many thanks for the quick reply mcjibba, in short would you advise an upgrade on the areial to a digital one ??. I have thought for a while now to upgrade but not realy had problems with the TV.

As a side issue which has just come back to mind, i have a second dvd/hdd recorder of a different make in a bedroom and i have had, at an odd time, to reset the stations as i have lost them.

Its looking more and more like an upgrade.
Thanks again.


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I occasionally have the same probelm with the picture freezing. I am on a communal ariel system so know that is the main cause of the problem. I was also thinking about getting a digital ariel installed but as the change over in my area is December this year have decided to wait and see what the signal is like after switchover before doing so.

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