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Samsung Series LE46A856 Settings Thread


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Hi All,

I have just got my new 46" Series 8 TV from Samsung.

Can you all post your preffered settings? i.e Contrast, DNIE etc etc.

I am not sure if its best to enable 100hz to HIGH - LOW etc. Please post away and try and help each other find the best settings :)



Panny 42

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Edit* New changes made to settings.

Hi I have now owned this TV Samsung Le46A856 or Samsung Le46A866 (same model) for about 2 months. And have done alot of fiddeling with the Setting. By the way the tv is fantastic so far.

This works for me. I use this for both gaming and movies. Via HDMI from the Ps3 and Xbox 360. Note that this is done with the following console settings. Also note that if the Xbox 360 is sett to "Expanded" in reference levels it matches the Ps3 RGB full Range setting.. I will start with the adjustments needed for the Consoles first.

Xbox 360 Display setting: (adjust in the console menu)
HDTV Setting: 1080P
Reference Levels: Expanded/Full
HDMI Color space: RGB

Playstation 3 display settings: (adjust in the console menu)
Video Output settings: Automatic
Cross Color Reduction filter: OFF
Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super White (HDMI): ON

Samsung Le46A856/866 Settings
Mode: Movie
Backlight: 5 in daytime (2-3 night time).
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 60 (And 43 for Blu-ray played with Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr)
Sharpness: 20
Colour: 40 to 45
Tint: 50/50 (Leave it as it is)

Detailed settings:
Black adjust: Off
Dynamic contrast: Low daytime and off nightime
Gamma: +3 Or 0 (3+ will boost the brightnes, you may not like it)
Colour space: Auto
White Balance: Leave it alone.
Flesh tone: 0
Edge enhancement: Off
XvYCC: Off

Picture Options:
Colour tone: Warm 2, if you like (works nice with the Gamma +3)
Size: Just Scan
Screen mode: 16:9 (Default Locked)
Digital NR: Auto (looks better in GTA IV for example)
DNIe: (Locked to OFF)
HDMI Black level: (Locked to Low)
100Hz Motion Plus: Medium (makes games smoother)
Blue only mode: Off

Hope it was usefull. And just play around with it. I used alot of ingame Brightness/contrast adjust screens to come up with theese settings.
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Panny 42

Standard Member
Allright the new settings are in. And they are radical.
Just try them just as they are written in combination. Or they will not have the right effect.

Oh and first the setup for the consoles. I will only write down the important ones.

Xbox 360
Reference level : Standard (important)
Output : RGB

Output : Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr (super white on)
RGB : Limited (trust me on this one)

Samsung Le46A856/866
Mode : Movie
Backlight : 10 (yes 10! Just try it please)
Contrast : 60
Brightness : 50
Sharpness : 20
Colour : 40 ( just leave at this in the begining)
Tint : G60/R40 (try it or change it back later)

Detailed Settings
Gamma : +2
(everything else off)

Picture Options
Colour tone : Warm.1
Just scan
Digital Nr : Auto
HDMI black level Low
100 Hz Motion plus : Medium for games. Low movies.

Allright I know it seems strange with backlight at 10. But to be fair it removed the annyoing buzzing sound from the tv. And it calibrated almost like my Panasonic Px80. Only with a much clearer picture. Also the contrast at 60 evens it out. It almost acts like a Plasma or an old crt. It is very good in my opinion :)

Just try it for games. And on Blu-ray it is legend, wait for it..........dary!

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