SAMSUNG Series 8 UE65ES8000 65 Inch LED TV - Availability?


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Hi everyone

I'm new to AV but I see that it has some of the most useful information available online.

My question is whether anyone has managed to get their hands on this TV (Samsung Series 8 65 inch LED) in the UK?

If so, where? I've checked lots of retailers and they all say that they have none in stock at the moment.

If not, what is the latest rumour about a release date? I see that people have been waiting several months and there seem to have been several rumours that the release is soon but to no avail.

I'm trying to decide whether to hold out and wait for the 65 inch LED or whether to just take the 55 inch LED or 64 inch plasma version (Series 8).

Any help with the above will be gratefully received.

Thanks :rolleyes:


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rumour has it out this month. i already have the 8000 series plasma, its very good, but if you like a bright sharp picture it has to be led.i have already ordered my 65es800.:)


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Cheers Evergladejack.

A couple of retailers told me August too but when I saw that some people have been waiting months I wasn't sure if I could trust that info.

I might take a shot and put in an order then cancel and buy something else if an August release doesn't happen.

More research will be needed to pick my back up option!


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Congrats! I hope it's great! Especially because I really really want to get one too. I've just been holding back to try and see if the great PQ and reviews transfer up from the 55 inch to the 65 inch screen size.

Please let me know what you think when you get it. Does the edge lighting still work well on the larger screen and provide the great PQ that the 55 inch version has?

Thanks and enjoy!


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still experimenting with all the settings, very different to my plasma,excelllent picture, very bright, very stylish design,has the royal warrant, not played with voice or motion activated yet, probably wont bother, one or two useful buttons left off the remote such as picture size. purchased the keyboard which works very well. will add more in due course..:clap::hiya:


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Hi evergladejack if you want to upload pictures the easiest way to do it is when writing or replying too a thread click on the attachments icon which is the safety clip and from there you can upload pictures from your computer.


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thanks for the advice,each time i tried that it came up works for me on emails.not to to worry i will carry on playing with new toy.(very old oap).:hiya:

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