Samsung Series 6, bad flash - REQ: ROME Flash downloader v4.x


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Hello all,

I have a Samsung LE46A656 LCD TV, bought more than 1 year ago (=> no longer under warranty) which I was very satisfied with until now, but that I attempted to upgrade to firmware 1023.0 yesterday.

Unfortunately, while the flash operation looked like it completed successfully, the TV no longer powers up fully.

When I attempt to power it up, the led blinks five times, but then nothing happens (no image, no OSD) and the screen remains resolutely black. :(
The only thing I can achieve in that state (if I insist with the remote) is power the TV down.

I tried the usual procedure of disconnecting the mains for a couple hours or leaving the TV on overnight to see if anything eventually happened, but it looks like the bootup sequence is stuck, so my perfectly working LCD is dead because of something wrong with the flash ROM.

Now, I'm obviously going to get my TV serviced if there's no other solution, but I do have a working serial service cable and I know that there exist means to reprogram the firmware through the service port.
(NB: I'm pretty sure my cable works as I did get the following serial output from the TV before the bad flash --now, I don't get any output at all!:
SLOT A: O.BA 0x0001 20080516 TVZIP1011
SLOT B: OI.. 0x0000 EMPTY
Booting Slot A

My research shows that there does exists a serial flash program for samsung models called "ROME Flash Downloader" or simply "Flash Downloader", and that series the 6 requires v4.x, but only v3.0 is available on the internet, so I'm wondering if a kind soul here could provide it to me.
Of course, you have my promise that I will only use this tool to fix my problem and not re-distribute it, as I understand this software is to be used by professionals only.

If you think you can help, please PM me or e-mail aperture.sw {a_t}

Thank you

PS: Please also understand that I am not trying to undermine the work of service people, who do have the tool I'm requesting and earn their living from these kind of user mishaps (and I'll gladly pay them if they can sort this out!), but considering my nearest Samsung service center is a 2.5 hours drive, you'll understand that I wouldn't mind attempting to fix the issue myself if I can.
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Same request here guys. Performed Firmware upgrade on my LA32B650T1R (Asian Version) with the firmware of UK counterpart LE32B650T2W and my LCD is rebooting every few seconds, to be exact LED blinks ten times, melody sounds, screen glows slightly with no OSD and shut down, again to start the cycle after few seconds.

Please send the ver 4 of Rome Flash Downloader and Rome file. I live in Pakistan and the dealers of Samsung here bluntly refused to help me because I purchased this LCD from UAE and this model is not available in Pakistan.

Please PM me or send the software on my email [email protected]



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Also, I need ROME Flash downloader v4.x , does anyone?
Or have someone DVBT sw for LE40A656 t-perldeuc T-1016, 15 or 14?


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Apologies for the very late update. I got my TV fixed eventually, but I have since managed to find a copy of the software one can use to re-flash the firmware. It is not ROME Flash but MTKTool and, at least with version 2.45.03, it allows the dumping and flashing of the MT8226 chip that is used in LE 656 Samsung LCD TVs, through an RS232 service serial cable.

A copy of the tool can be downloaded here.

Besides the Mediatek MT8226, it also appears to support the MT1379, MT1389, MT8105, MT8202, MT8205, MT5351, MT8211, MT8158, MT537x and MT538x chips. There are also additional features besides flashing available, such as editing the RAM or accessing specific subcomponents of the CPU (dangerous!).

I haven't tried re-flashing my TV, so I make no guarantee that it will work for you. However, I did manage to successfully dump my firmware and checked that it was the same as the bin provided by Samsung:
LOG: Start to backup
LOG: Init Rs232 ...
LOG: Flash Type - AMD(AM29LV320DT)/S29AL032DM3
LOG: Set Baudrate to 115200
LOG: Begin : Fri Aug 26 13:57:46 2011
LOG: Reading ...
LOG: Finished!(0000)
LOG: end : Fri Aug 26 14:03:49 2011
LOG: Set Baudrate to 115200
Note that as soon as the flash operation starts, your TV screen will freeze and display a very degraded image - This is normal. Once the operation is complete, which may take quite a few minutes, you will have to manually restart the TV.


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hello,does anybody know where to get Rome file for LE40A465C1 ?i am tired with my town service guys,but at least now know,that i need to flash Rome file to fix tv,i am not asking for free,thanks in advance

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