samsung series 5 lcd + samsung ht-bd7200 + cable digibox


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( i posted in the lcd television forum about cabling options and picture settings for my mates new setup, i was helped with the picture settings, this forum is probably better to get an answer to my cabling question)

(ive cut'n'pasted the relevant parts bellow)

hi , my mate bought a samsung series 5 lcd 40" (not sure which of the 556-559)
and a samsung ht-bd7200 2.1-channel Blu-ray home theater system.

he has a ntl/upc cablebox (ireland) not HD, probably similar to a virgin box.
ntls sd bitrate isnt great in ireland.

can any one tell me the best cabling options ?

bluray connections(no video inputs)

lcd connections

upc cable digibox connections
2 scarts, coaxial_audio_out, audio_l&r_out

from another forum i have
bluray(hdmi_out) ---> lcd(hdmi_in)
upcbox(scart_rgb_out) ---> lcd(scart_rgb_in)


playing a bluray, i can listen to audio from the lcd speakers and/or bluray speakers.
watching cable tv i can listen to audio from only the lcd speakers.

i have to order one more cable, can you help me choose it ?
i want the added option of the upc digibox's audio to be output from the bluray 2.1 hometheater speakers.

so whats my best setup for getting the optional extra of upcbox audio output from the bluray speakers also ?
is it just

[1] lcd(optical_out) -> bluray(optical_in)
[2] lcd(audio_l&r_out) -> bluray(aux_l&r_in)

or direct
[3] upcbox(audio_l&r_out) -> bluray(aux_l&r_in)
[4] upcbox(coaxial_out) ---> Coaxial-to-optical-converter ---> bluray(optical_in)

is [4] the only method that keeps the upcbox audio on the digital domain for the entire route to the bluray, or does keeping the audio digital mater that much when the audio is only from an iffy cable supplier to a 2.1 home theater?


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Man how did you solved it ?

I have a similar situation

upc cable digibox (2 scarts, coaxial_audio_out, audio_l&r_out)
the samsung 32A656 and
the samsung HT-TX715

from the UPC digibox I have this coaxial_audio_out as the only digital audio out

and I want to connect it to my HC which has only optical audio in

Is there a way to connect it ?
I really want to watch HBO with 5.1 Sound


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