Samsung Series 3 (LA26A336) Ghosting: Advice Needed


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Hi, I just purchased a brand new Samsung LA26A336 and I'm having problems with Ghosting images whilst playing Fifa 09 through my PS3. I'm looking for advice on whether there is anything I can do to fix this or whether I should return the TV and look for a different model. Here's a link to the specs of the LA26A336:

26" HD READY LCD TV LE26A336 - LCD - television | SAMSUNG

I currently have my PC set up to go through the TV with an HDMI cable (was £10) and have tested:

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - shows some slight ghosting when panning rapidly through the map but only the kind of ghosting that I would expect from an LCD TV, the game is still perfectly playable and looks good.

Call of Duty 4 - No ghosting at all and looks amazing!

For general PC use (Internet Browsing etc.) the display is fairly good, not perfect but I don't think you can have a PC running perfectly through a 26" LCD TV.

Then on to the PS3 which I'm having problems with. I've tried this both on 1080p (which still displays on the monitor) and currently on 720p with a different HDMI cable of the same model as the PC is connected with:

Virtua Tennis 3 - Good, only very slight ghosting when the characters are running/diving.

Grand Theft Auto 4 - No problems with this apart from Anti-Aliased lines but I'm pretty sure these are the PS3's doing.

Dead Space - No ghosting during my quick test of the in-game scenes but the opening cutscene didn't look too great. There was a lot of flickering on a distant Space Ship and when light shone on a characters head the shadows cast were quite blocky. Not sure if this is due to the PS3 and the game or that my settings need tweaked

FIFA 09 - This is the main problem. A still image of the game would look stunning but when I start to pass the ball about and the camera follows I get some bad Ghosting effects around the players. There is about a 1cm trail left behind every player and the effect can be quite nauseating. I also tried the PES 2009 demo (another football game) and there is still a fair bit of ghosting but not quite as bad as FIFA shows.

Here are the current settings which I have played around with a bit and no matter what I do I can't get rid of the ghosting effect on FIFA.

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 7
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 50
Sharpness: 35
Colour: 60

I'm happy to try out any settings you can suggest but it looks more likely that I might either return the TV (I'm still within the 14 day return period) and look at a different model or call Samsung and see if they can recommend anything or if I can maybe get them to replace the TV with a newer model.

If it comes to that can anyone recommend another 26" TV in the £300-£350 price range that I might look at. What would be the main things I would look to improve to get rid of the ghosting? A TV with 100Hz mode and a faster response time than 8ms would be a start I presume?


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Maybe my post was a bit overlong but the thing is that the PC games I've tried have all run well, it's FIFA on the PS3 which the TV doesn't seem to be able to handle.


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Have you tryed the pc demo of fifa 09 does the same thing happen.


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Ok having tried the PC version, there is a lot less ghosting around the players. But when the ball is passed and the camera pans the whole screen is still blurry. The only thing is the FIFA demo doesn't have a proper resolution to test on as it only has 1024x768 which is properly supported by the TV so it's not really a fair test.

If it displayed at 720p on the PS3 with the same amount of ghosting it was displaying on the PC version it might just be passable but I think it's probably best if I take up the option to return my TV and choose another model which will perform better.

What should I look for in a new LCD TV to ensure that there will be no ghosting like I was getting on FIFA? Or can anyone recommend any models that they know FIFA works well on and would also display from a PC suitably? I paid £260 for my current TV but I wouldn't mind spending a bit more to ensure I get the right one next time.

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