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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the different Series 5 models namely LE40A550, 553, 556, 557, 558 & 559?

On reading a review on hdtv website it said the models available in the UK are the LE40A556P, LE40A557P, LE40A558, and LE40A559P. So why am I seeign the LE40A553 & 550 in some shops? Also the 558 is appearing cheaper then the 553. Does it not stand that the 558 is newer than the 553? Or is it not done chronilogically by Samsung?

Would appreciate any help you can give please - Also are these any good?

I know the 6 series is better BUT my budget dictates something aorund the £600 mark so would like any guidance that you can give.

Thanks in advance



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Cosmetic more or less I believe (and may be specific to certain retailers) - tried Samsung's site?


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Im pretty sure its just cosmetic , each different model number is exclusive to a different shop.

You should take at the B550, you can get a 40" for just over £600 and they have a few improvements over last years.

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