Samsung S10 - On screen graphics too large - Help


A friend of mine has a Galaxy S10 and for some reason the graphics look like they are scaled up and a percentage too large for the screen.
I've looked and adjusted things, screen rez, font size etc but I really can't find any setting to fix it.

It's hard to explain, but it looks like something is making graphics larger which for some things either makes them not fit correctly or overflow the screen a bit.
As I said I can't find any setting that looks wrong or weird to cause this.

We installed a game on both my friends phone and my Pixel, and you can see what I mean:

My Phone:

My friends phone:

Notice how the graphics that form the buttons are a bit too large, which means the top of the play button and bottom of the exit button are not fully showing due to being an amount scaled up so they won't fit:



I have the S10 plus. Have you tried 'Display' then font size & style, screen zoom, easy mode?
I've changed the screen res and font size, which did change the text but not the graphics.
Not touched the style or zoom or easy mode.
I'll take a look.
Thanks for the suggestion

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