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Hello all. Long time forum viewer however first time posting. I’m no expert in settings for TVs however I desire the best I can achieve from basic settings. My wife and I purchased a Samsung 75” RU8000 for our living room tv. We are coming from a Samsung un50f6400. When setting it up i Had help to unlock the day & night modes. I pretty much use night mode with a backlight setting of 11, then pretty much using default settings from movie mode turning the color temp settings to warm 2 and color space of auto , turning off all post processing features. My issue stems from that the brightness of the screen seems kinda lowered, I don’t mean the backlight either. Something just felt less bright. I noticed this tv has a different gamma options setting than was available on my previous tv. My other tv had one slider that said gamma and i could go from -3 to +3 and this was usually left at 0. This tv however has a setting that says BT 1886 with the same slider -3 to +3 set to 0 and then also gives me an option to change to a 2.2 setting. I fiddled with this a bit and it def corrects the issue completely however I’m not sure if I should be messing with this nor which of all these Gamma settings are correct or at least close to correct. Would it be best to leave it at BT 1886 at a 0 setting and get used to the dimmed screen or should i change that slider? Or would it be best to select the 2.2 preset? I really don’t want to set things wrong and get a horribly inaccurate image then get used to it. Sorry if this is a bad explanation and I’ll clarify anything I’m able if asked. Thank you for any assistance.
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Hello, i have the same trouble with the brightness of this TV, can you confirm if you could make it look brighter, also if you could add exactly what configuration you use very especific please

i dont want to belive that the 1k usd i paid was a bad choice, Samsung always brings very good TVs, and class 8 is not the premium line but is in the middle.
waiting for your answer mate.
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