Samsung repeatedly switching on and off - help!


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I have a UE46d7000 that has worked fine since it was bought last year. However this week if you switch it on it switches itsself on and off repeatedly about every second (the smart TV logo just appears before it flicks off) this is accompanied with a relay switching sound around where the power lead plugs in (I can't remember if it did this while normally switching on and off). The only way to stop it is to switch off the plug.

I've searched and can't find if it's a common problem or any suggestions for a solution, any smart people here heard of it or got any suggestions?


There is no easy answer. probably this or part of
If your unit is still in warranty OK
If not, talk to shop you purchased from, under consumer protection act. Goods sold should be fit for purpose. There are several instances on Google of consumers having similar problem with same model.
In 2009 Samsung had similar problems with under rated Capacitors fitted to Power Supplies and main boards.
Other readers on this site are more clued than me on Consumer protection.


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Mine decides to show a pop up message that it will switch off in 60 secs. I then have to clear the message to continue. Can't find anything in the settings to alter that.

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