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May 10, 2005
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Hi can anybody shed some light on the repair policy for Samsung or had any experience of it.
I bought a 26" screen at xmas from Dixons which went faulty about six weeks ago (screen turning itself off). Contacted Dixons who passed me on to Samsung who then passed me on to one of their repair centre's who took the screen away and repaired it.
After coming back it has had a problem with lines at the top of the screen breaking up when using the Xbox 360 which it didn't do before. I've contacted Samsung who are saying I've got to take it 35 miles to the nearest repair centre which I'm currently refuing to do as this seems to be totally unreasonable. I'm going to speak to Dixons but don't hold out much hope but anybody got any suggestions what else I can do please!
Well you need to assess which rights you want to claim under:

Your LEGAL rights against the retailer who have primary responsibility for delivering a product that is fit for purpose etc etc - and if you check Consumer Direct then I think you'll find ANY fault in the first 6 months is assumed to be there at sale unless the vendor can PROVE it wasn't

Your ADDITIONAL legal rights against any provider of credit - ie if you spent over £100 on it on a credit card = the same rights against them as you have against the retailer and its YOUR call who you pursue to get your rights NOT theirs!

Your ADDITIONAL legal rights against anyone who provides you with a warranty as that is also a legal duty.

I fear your sup-optimal original choice was in dealing with a member of the DSGi group, but you have LOTS of rights against SEVERAL/FEW firms and the TIMEFRAME means you've got the whiphand. Phone Consumer Direct and ask them for advice if you want support in that uphill struggle to obtain your rights against customer-unfriendly suppliers/manufacturers.

I always find this Govt guide (for traders) a valuable aid in knowing what THEY are meant to know/conform to:
see page 6 for example - and take it back to Dixons and insist on a replacement ?.

The fact that you accepted an initial repair from a third party MAY count against you BUT you are obviously able to expect that any repair (at retailer's suggestion!) should be competently done!
I've assumed the OP purchased from, so is protected under the distance selling regualtions rather than being able to shout at a person in a store. That said, contacting consumer direct is always a good shout
Can you not contact the 1st company who came to collect the screen? They should guarnatee the warranty work they did for 90 days.

I know that manufacturers have different types of service depending on the screen sizes i.e in-home or carry-in, but they can be flexible if you request. If you have already had one servcie centre who collected it then surely the same can happen again.
I've assumed the OP purchased from, so is protected under the distance selling regualtions rather than being able to shout at a person in a store. That said, contacting consumer direct is always a good shout

The issue of Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) usually only affects the right to certain information about who you're dealing with etc and the legal right to a 7 working day (Mon-Fri, except B/hols) cooling off period - that is LONG since expired as OP said bought last Xmas. A sale at distance is STILL covered by all the matters I raised.

Link to business guide to DSR
which lists other consumer protection legislation then applicable on page 35

>>> See para 3.68 on page 30 of the PDF in particular reminding of the PRESUMPTION that goods found faulty within 6 months are SOLD FAULTY and retailed should "not charge return costs for goods that have been rejected because they are faulty."

The only complication as I see is that you accepted that it should be repaired rather than replaced/refunded - though you 100% followed the RETAILERS directions as to what you should do, ie you kept them 100% in the loop - it was they who sought to palm you off. That said for the repair to have caused another fault to emerge (at the very least) indicates either you have a lemon/BritishLeylandFridayAfternoon set or an incompetent/negligent repair (or have been unlucky).

You're still in the first 6 months that faults are 100% legally presumed to be present when bought and it is up to Dixons to prove they werent, and a set developing 2 faults - however caused - should mean EXTRA FAULTY at sale = extra grounds for replacment/repair or even (partial refund). The tree diagrams in the vendor guide should help you.

My general advice would be to obtain your rights against the RETAILER as it is their primary legal reponsibility

Don't SHOUT at anyone anywhere - you're the reasonable one, wanting reasonable value from your expensive TV and professional service from a retailer that should be compliant with UK law. Consumer Direct can help you obtaining in clarifying and obtaining those rights if you need assistance.

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