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    Hi, guys

    I have just purchased a samsung rear projection 42 inch TV.

    Connected to this i have a Toshiba video recorder a gruindig sky box and a sony dvd player. I connected it up as follows.

    The TV has 3 scart sockets

    Socket 1 into the sky box with another scart going to the video

    Socket 2 to the DVD player

    Socket 3 to my Xbox

    I also have coax leads between the TV, video, Ariel and sky.

    What i cant understand is when the tv is on channel 1,2,3, or 4 just using the Ariel co ax setup the picture is really clear and sharp watching sky via coax is not clear but when i use the scart leads to watch sky the picture is far worse and I thought using scart leads and the digital tv should give a clearer picture?

    I don’t know if I need to alter any settings or use different scart leads any help would be appreciated I am very new to this and Samsung were not very helpful basically told me as I was getting a clear picture using the coax setup the TV was not at fault.

    The TV is a HDTV does that mean anything to you, should i change setting connections or do I need new scart leads thanks for your help. Someone said to me about swapping the sky setting to rgb? What will that do?


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