Samsung rear projection TV fault



A friend has a rear projection Samsung which is just out of warranty (TYPICAL!!!) and the picture is like watching with double vision! Colours and sound are fine just the picture!

Any ideas?


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Probably the geometry correction drive ICs' Two STK392-010 devices are usually used on Samsungs. Expect to pay around £150-170 fitted. Would recommend they both be changed, the labours going to be the same - and you will kick yourself if the other fails 3 months down the line.

Please be aware that cheaper versions of this IC are available from third party suppliers. Always insist on the original manufacturers for this particular repair, they are more reliable, and we have found that the patent ones cannot be set up correctly. Not worth the saving.

This assumes a CRT based model, if its a lamp based unit - then panic its only available as an 'engine' and probably not wort replacing!


What was the warranty period quoted as being? EU Law gives a minimum 2yr period of expectation of use ...

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