Samsung R88 problems - do these point to 'the famous capacitor problem'?



Hi All,
Please forgive me if this has already been covered in another post , i've had a look but i'm still not sure of the answer.
In a nutshell i'm wondering if the current problems i'm having point to the now 'infamous' Samsung capacitor problems on my R88.
- symtoms are - on switch on (which happens in the normal amount of time ) the screen momentarily displays the 'Samsung Electronics' blue screen it will then change to DTV and the normal image will be displayed , also at switch on there is a kind of a brief loud buzz/feedback noise through the audio which also disapears after a second (sounds like an audio lead being pulled out of a guitar amp when its switched on).
- Also the TV has switched itself on a few times in the middle of the night ! -
- Also if you scoll through the display modes the 'Movie' mode display is multicoloured which you could also describe as 'psychedelic'.

Any suggestions please??

I also understand that Samsung are carrying out repairs FOC if faults are caused by the Capacitor issue - anyone now if thats the case??


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