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Recently bought an R74 this will connect to my laptop fine via the VGA output, however when using the DVI output(through DVI to VGA Converter) on my desktop it will only show bootup and display a blackscreen once it gets to the desktop.

On closer inspection of the TV manual it says the TV will not accept input via a DVI or HDMI so this would seem to be the problem.

However I recall someone else mentioning that they managed to get it working via HDMI (this may be my imagination :rolleyes: )

So essentially my question is has anyone else got it to work via DVI or HDMI?

My plan was to build a new HTPC anyway so it's no biggie if it doesn't but it does leave me with the problem of finding a mobo with an AGP Slot (as i already have the necessary card) that can use a dual core processor (to decode HD) or buy a new Graphics Card (to use Nvideo Purevideo) that has a VGA output not DVI.

If anyone can offer any advice here feel free to chip in.


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I have an le32r74 and have run it through both VGA and HDMI input - source various HTPCs generally running nVidia 6150 GPU based on board graphics

you can get the HDMI to accept input from a PC via DVI output generallly by setting a 720p60 or 1080i30 output mode form the PC but these then get mashed by the TVs over/underscanning processing so the quality doesn't trend to be great. By far the best picture I've obtained is by runnng 1:1 pixel mapped from the VGA ouput of the pc to the VGA input of the TV


Just been doing some digging and the 6150 GPU based Motherboards seem to be the way to go and cheaper too.

Thanks for the advice

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