Samsung R73/R74 - High Pitch Noise when in Standby


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I just got myself a 32" Samsung R73, and I don't whether it only just started, or if I just didn't notice it at first, as I have only had it a few days, but when the TV goes into standby, there is a high pitch whine coming from it. It is definately from the TV, because it goes when there is no power to it.

I searched here for similar things, and others had similars problems but that was down to the connections to other sources, ie. DVD player etc. When they unplugged them, it went. I didn't know what the rules were on reviving old threads though so thought I should start my own.

Unfortunately, mine only goes when I unplug the mains, which I don't want to have to do every time I turn the TV off. As I sleep in the same room as the TV, I really don't want this high pitch noise in my room whenever the TV is off.

Anyone have similar problems? Will I have to send it back for a replacement?
Thanks :lease:

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