Samsung Question!


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Looking to buy a Samsung 37" LCD TV.
I've noticed they do 2 models, the LE37R87 and LE37R74BDX.
I've looked about briefly and can't see the difference between the 2!
Can anyone tell me the difference?!


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There's your problem, you looked briefly. You are about to spend a wad on a TV, you might wanna stop being lazy and actually research.

Right, R74 is not as good as R87/88.

R74 has year old firmware and less options. It only has 5,000:1 contrast, if you are lucky. Limited backlighting options and no settings for Black levels. It also only has 1xHDMI port.

The R87 came out in March and has a different cosmetic look, 3xHDMI ports on it, 8,000:1 contrast ratio, more options in the menus related to the backlight, blacklevels, more control over the delicate image quality settings that can produce and awesome picture.

I highly recommend the R88.


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LE37R74BDX specs

LE37R87 specs

The R87 is the latest 2007 model, R74 is 2006. The R87 comes with 3 HDMI connections (2 rear, 1 side) against the R74's 1 HDMI. The 37R87 supposedly has a better dynamic constant ratio but that depends on the type panel you get I suppose.


Can anyone tell me the difference between the R87 series and the R88?


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I think its purely cosmetic, the R88 is the version available only to the Dixons, Currys group, just has an LED somewhere else i think, not that much different.


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yes I have read that here on the difference in the tv's function except that extra LED (which i think is around the power button). and i think it was a blue LED if my memory serves me right...


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Does anyone know the difference between the R87 and the R87BDX please ?


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All these model numbers are so confusing aren't they :eek:

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