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Hi guys,

So I’ve purchased a Samsung 50” QN94a TV and have had it for a month now. TV functions great however I’ve noticed at the back of the TV where the inputs go in, it sometimes makes a very faint buzz noise which comes and goes. Do other owners of the TV experience the same sound?

It comes and goes when the TV is off. As soon as the TV is turned on, it disappears. It’s not loud at all, you have to stick your head behind the TV and listen in a quiet room. I get the TV makes a noise while it’s on as with all electrical items however is it normal for it to be doing that when the TV is off and has been off for hours?

Samsung support confirmed it’s normal for it to be doing that but something about it isn’t sitting right with me.

I’ve done my testing of removing connections etc and can confirm the noise coming from the TV itself where the inputs are. There is no interference as I only have a PS5 and Sound-bar connected.

Would appreciate if other owners of the TV can have a check and feedback please. Sound may not be present initially so please have a listen for a few mins to see if it appears. (From the input side of the TV)

I only noticed it when trying to plug something in behind the TV stand. Wouldn’t have realised if it wasn’t for that.



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I can hear something around the back of my tv but it could just as easily be the pvr on the shelf below. You have got to remember that when the tv is off, it isn't really off and it's not unusual for electronics, especially the power supply parts to make buzzing sounds due to the frequency of the mains supply [email protected]

I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think that there is anything wrong and if it keels over, you have lots of guarantee time left.

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