Samsung QN90a 43” is a VA panel in UK (for me at least)


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Hi everyone this is my first post, and I registered primarily to inform those who are seeking this info, that the 43” version of the Samsung QN90A is a VA panel and not a ADS/IPS panel, at least the one I received was. Maybe I won the ‘panel lottery’, who knows. The full model number for my version is QE43QN90AATXXU and it is a UK model. I couldn’t find any answers anywhere, with many websites getting info wrong for this TV, saying it is 120hz, or all European QN90A were IPS/ADS and so forth, so I wanted to help others out who may be wishing to buy this TV. I took a gamble and I’m glad I did, as I’d have not been overly happy with a IPS panel. I’ll also include all this info in the QN90A thread I was reading before I bought the TV. Only 50” plus sizes are 120hz, with the 43” being 60hz. I knew this before I bought the TV though and it didn’t bother me very much. I can confirm it is great, and a big step up from my Sony XE8004 (2017) which was also 43”. It had terrible black levels, but it was an IPS display so I guess that was one of the reasons why. If anyone is looking for a small size Neo QLED TV, the 43” version is probably the best option if you want as close to OLED contrast as possible without forking out a fortune for the new LG C2 42”, or if you’re concerned about OLED burn in, which I’m lead to believe is less of an issue now, but I still keep hearing they probably aren’t quite bright enough yet to really show off HDR content, which is why I didn’t get one. I bought my Samsung from Very for £600 so I can’t really complain about that. They had a 20% off code at the checkout. It was the cheapest place I could find this particular TV. They also had the new 43” inch QN90B, but it was double the price just for what appears to me to gain a faster refresh rate (144hz) and that’s it. Here’s some photos I taken on my iPhone of an LG video along with a Will Smith movie trailer on YouTube which were all 4K 60fps HDR. I know it isn’t a perfect was to show how good this TV is, but I think you can get an idea from them. The speakers aren’t as bad as I was expecting. Others complain the QN90A range has poor speakers, but I’ve found them to be fine for my needs, but I never play my TV blasting anyway. Anyway hope the info I’ve provided helps someone. Kieran.


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