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    Promoted Content By Hughes​

    With nearly 100 years in the industry selling all the latest entertainment and home appliances, Hughes and its staff have always had the chance to appreciate top quality products in the field. None more so than Samsung’s flagship QLED series TVs, giving their best picture quality yet. Boasting the latest Quantum Dot technology, Samsung is one of only two manufacturers being able to offer Certified Ultra HD Premium picture quality. What this means is that you will see exactly what the movie creators intended when watching any Ultra HD content through this range.

    Only Samsung QLED does it all and their QLED range provides an unrivalled viewing experience. There’s endless style with no distractions, putting pure entertainment right there, at your fingertips.

    Three simple words: Unrivalled viewing experience.
    That’s all Samsung need to sum up their ideas behind their new 2018 QLED TV range. No more distractions, just pure entertainment for your eyes. Samsung’s QLED range provides you with the TV you love – with nothing in the way.

    Gone are the days of huddling around a small, dark screen surrounded and distracted by cables, multimedia boxes and clutter. Samsung’s QLED screens deliver over a billion colours and stunning contrast for exceptional viewing, no matter the time of day. Eliminate the big black blank screen with Samsung's innovative Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in to your home interior. Samsung’s One Remote control allows you to use multiple devices with one remote.

    Sports fans will feel like they’re right there in the stadium, thanks to the world’s brightest most colourful display. Samsung’s Quantum dot technology turns light into colour. By adding light to colour, Samsung QLED TVs can display over a billion colours and stunning Q Contrast delivers breath-taking viewing any time of day. Q Contrast (not on Q6F models) ensures that there’s never too much sunlight – and never too little, either. Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs delivers deeper and darker blacks that show every single detail, no matter the lighting.

    See the picture, not the TV

    Samsung’s design philosophy is to keep distractions hidden so that you see only pictures. They helpfully got rid of the common, often unsightly, things that distract us most, like messy cables and the black screen that would otherwise fill your home. They have replaced the heap of unsightly wires with their One Invisible Cable; this near-invisible strand delivers power and connects all your devices – beautifully. Samsung believe that freedom of space equals freedom of pure enjoyment.


    Ambient Mode

    Ambient Mode ensures there’ll be no more unsightly blank screen in the middle of your living space. With Samsung’s new Ambient Mode, you can elevate and customise your living room with decorative content, useful information, and even your own photos. You won’t notice the TV on the wall as the TV can blend perfectly with your decor, play a bit of light background music and even be a decorative central focus point, displaying treasured photographs, the news or weather.

    One remote to control them all

    Samsung’s One Remote Control gives you a single, sleek remote to control all your connected devices. There’ll be no need to fumble around for the right remote, so you can spend time watching, not searching. You’ll automatically see the device name on the screen, so finding the connected device just got so much easier. Samsung’s intelligent smart assistant, Bixby, lets you take control with your voice, too.


    SmartThings – make your home work for you

    SmartThings will help you to get seamlessly connected with a broad range of smart devices
    and appliances, from your fridge to your mobile, giving you an intuitive way to take full control of your home,
    and beyond. Experience a truly connected life.

    With a virtually bezel-less design, you may now find that it is possible to own a bigger-sized TV which will fit in the same dimensions as your previous set. It also means that you can jump a couple of sizes, if you were looking at upgrading to a larger set.

    If you are looking for a Smart TV then you will be seriously impressed with the range of apps on offer from Samsung, through its own app store. With the YouTube Kids apps, you don’t have to worry about what your children are searching for, with content strictly filtered so that you don’t have to keep an eye on what they are streaming. Samsung also supports all of the main streaming services such as Netflix, Deezer, Amazon Prime among many others, making them the smartest TV’s. View online, or ask your local Hughes store about a demo.

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