Samsung QE55QN90A vs. LG OLED48A16LA

Hi everyone,

sorry for the urgency of the request but I have optioned both and need to decide very shortly; can't seem to get a direction.

I found them at the same cost. Without considering the diagonal difference, what would you guys jump on?

SDR use - Netflix - No Gaming.

We're pretty much talking top of the line vs an "entry level" but with two completely different technologies. A friend of mine owns a two year old LG C1 and I have to say that's super nice. I don't have any idea about the Samsung. The 55QN90 could have an IPS panel if I'm not wrong.

Your thoughts? Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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I’m biased because I just can’t go back to LCD from OLED. So I’d say A1. And given the A1’s issues are for gaming and HDR it seems pretty good for your use case.


As you mention the 55QN90A could be using an IPS or VA panel and is therefore best avoided. Unfortunately, you can't tell pre-purchase.

The 55Q80A is actually a safer bet at getting a VA panel, and is more comparable to the A1 if you decide on an LCD instead of OLED.
Thanks a lot!

I found both at 620€, I have to take a decision between these two only unfortunately... Having the assurance that is a VA, Would you go for the qn90?


No, it's not worth the risk. That's why its only recommended in my guide at larger sizes where it definitely comes with a VA panel.
With Samsung recommended TVs are either the Q80A or QN94A and above.

If you're looking for something to maximize value for money, look at the TCL C825.

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