Samsung Q9FN and m9702 v3 media player => howto Dolby Digital or better?


I have the 75" Samsung Q9FN with the OneConnect box. I use the ARC HDMI connection to my Pioneer receiver (sc-2024).
If I play Netflix or Disney+ from the TV, I get full surround sound.

I also have a m9702 v3 media player (so-called 'chinoppo'), which connects to hdmi2 on the Samsung OneConnect. The media player is set to 1 hdmi output (combined audio and video).

Problem: no matter what I play on the media player (DD, DTS, DTS HD, etc...), it is all seen and reproduced as STEREO coming from the Pioneer.

Question: as there is only 1 HDMI going to the pioneer (the ARC HDMI) and as is plays surround correctly from Netflix etc., is this a limitation from the OneConnect box?

Question 2: if I activate the audio out from the media player and connect that to the pioneer and if I then switch the pioneer to that input, will that override the ARC signal and give me surround channels?


FWIW: I had the Egreat A11 media player before this, also with the output set to single HDMI (audio + video) to the Oneconnect box and the same issue.

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