Samsung Q95T One Connect Box error


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Hey guys. I'm having some bad issues with the connect box of my Samsung 75Q95T.

Anytime the TV hard reset (so when the QLED logo comes up), I'm having this error message popping up - it seems to indicate the issue is related to the connect box.

I found a way to bypass it by clicking on the Rakuten button on the remote (no other button seems to be working) and it seems to work fine. However I notice that sometime a lot of elements (such as brightness slider, local dimming setting) doesn't work or has no effect when being changed.

Does this means that the one connect box is faulty and needs replacing? Or maybe it's something like the fibre cable connecting the box to the screen?

I'm of course on the latest firmware (2101.2) and tried several resets but to no avail - this error keeps coming up all the time. Anyone has any idea what it is, or ever experienced it?

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