Samsung Q950TS or LG GX


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It's all in the title really.
I want a super flush-with-the-wall TV with an excellent picture to use on a daily basis.
The reason I want it flush is that when I want to get the cinema experience, the cinema screen comes in front of the TV and the 4K projector takes over.

I've always had Plasmas and Oled but the reviews of the Q950TS are excellent and my current oled (Philips 873/12) suffers from banding and a very aggressive dimming system when transitionning between dark and bright scenes.

I'm brand agnostic between those two (I'd rather go Panasonic or Sony) and while I would naturally go for the OLED, I also read excellent reviews of the Q950TS which make me wonder.

The Samsung set is at 30.000kr vs 22.000kr for the LG (the G1 is at 37.000kr, making it too expensive for the nits gain). Quite a difference but I can justify it if the quality is there.
A good amount of natural light in the room but nothing direct on the TV wall.

Any feedback on those sets? Good and bad? Any alternative?



The reason the G1 is so expensive is because its just been released. If you had been shopping this time last year for the GX, it would be the same.

Its best not to buy newly released TVs for this reason. They can cost as much as 50% more than their predecessors, when they make only small gains (sometimes even regressions).

Generally uniformity is much better on OLEDs than LCD TVs, so you may be in for a bit of a shock moving from an OLED to an LCD TV, especially if you're expecting similar performance in the dark.

If you mainly plan on using the TV when the room is well lit, then the LCD is a better idea, however if you want to watch at night, definitely go for another OLED.

Alternatives? Probably the Q95T if you want an LCD TV. Should be much better value than the Q950TS and has the same mounting system.


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Thank you! I finally got to see the Samsung with proper calibration and while it's a big step forward in terms of resolution and crispiness, it's still not worth the oled picture in my book.
Add to that the samsung panel lottery and it's clear to me that I'll go for another oled.

I wish LG would copy Samsung and deport the electronics to an external box though.
The screens could be even flatter that way and there would be no need for cable management at all once wall mounted.

I have a 43" frame and while the picture is satisfying, the selling point for me was definitely the one connect box.


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If you go to and hit Tests menu followed by Black Uniformity they have rated TVs Black Uniformity. This may be helpful when comparing the black uniformity of a OLED to a LCD.

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