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Evening all,

Had my Q90t and Xbox for a few months now and really struggling to find the perfect settlings for both the tv and Xbox. I’ve probably gone through 10 tv resets because I just can’t get them correct.

Does anyone have some settings that could share with me? If not, could you answer a few of my questions?

Should I have VRR on?
Should I be using game mode?
Should I be using 120hz or 60hz?
Hgig? Should it be enabled?

I would really appreciate all the advice that can be shared.

thanks in advance!!


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In a perfect world yeah you would be using all of them, however the TV is far from perfect and some of the settings come with sacrifices, so you are best off trying each of them yourself and see what you prefer.

For example, whilst reducing latency game mode downgrades the extent to which local dimming works, so there's a pretty significant decrease in picture quality and on top of that rolling scanlines can be apparent when you turn off processing altogether (game motion plus).

With VRR I've heard reports about flickering textures, 120hz people have complained that the picture is not as good, HGIG Samsung don't even follow the specification so it's hard to know how to calibrate it.

All I can suggest is to keep experimenting and try followng the advice in the videos in this thread for calibrating HDR:

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