Samsung Q90T Owners - Do You Have This Problem with the Prime Video App?


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I'm having some problems with IMDb TV, and am trying to figure out if it's my TV that's the cause. In case you didn't know (I didn't), IMDb has a selection of free content accessible through the Prime Video app (Amazon owns IMDb). I'm having two problems, one common to everything I've watched, and one specific to a particular show.

Everything I've watched on IMDb TV has an audio sync problem. Sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes it's so far off it's obvious with cartoons. I don't have this problem with any other source (HBOMax, AppleTV, Netflix, DirectTV). It's only this one app where the audio and video don't sync.

The other problem is with the show Revenge. It's shown with black bars on the sides, squished horizontally, in what looks like SD resolution. I've tried the first few episodes, all the same. It's like the server is not identifying my TV correctly and serving up the wrong stream. It's only this show that's window boxed, all other free IMDb TV shows I've tried fill the screen correctly in HD resolution. I posted about this on the IMDb forum, and others do not have this problem with the show. Which makes me wonder if it's something to do with my TV, its settings, or the Samsung version of the Prime Video app.

I contacted IMDb support, and they didn't even appear to know they offered free content via Prime, and referred me to Amazon support. Amazon promptly referred me right back to IMDb support. Apparently, no one knows anything and no one is responsible.

I also tried watching the show on my iPhone using AirPlay to watch on my TV. Unfortunately, the IMDb iPhone app blocks playback when AirPlay is turned on.

So I'd like to know if the problem is my TV, like maybe I have something set incorrectly. Doubtful, since it's only this one show with the resolution problem, though a setting might have something to do with the audio sync problem. It's a 65-inch QT90 purchased in 12/2020. If you would, please try watching Revenge in the Prime Video app (doesn't require Prime membership), and let me know if you see the black side bars. Also, please take a look at some other free shows, and see if the audio syncs with the video. The Corner Gas series had especially bad audio sync problems on some episodes. Thanks.


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