Question Samsung Q90R soundbar rear speaker placement, is it the same principle as separate Atmos speakers?


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I have purchased the Q90R soundbar and getting ready to set up.

I have just one question regarding positioning of the rear surround speakers.

My sofa is against the back wall and no way of moving it forward.

On my left side I have the kitchen door and on my right side I have the front room door!!

Based on my room layout I was going to position the rear surround speakers above the doors and angled down towards the listener.

Upon doing research and setting up my dedicated mini cinema room regarding Atmos speaker and rear surround speaker placement, I realised I cannot / should not place rear surround speakers high up in a Dolby Atmos set up as there will be no great separation between rear surrounds and Atmos at it will all sound as one. Therefore the rear surround speakers need to be at ear level.
So my question is, is it the same principle with these Samsung surround speakers that have the Atmos speakers built in ??

Would it be best practice to have these rear surround speakers on floorstands right next to the left and right arm rest of the sofa ??

Or can I also possibly position the surround speakers on the back wall at ear level facing forward ?

Thanks for your help guys


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Like you i have recently purchased the HW-Q90R and yet to set it up.

My sofa is also backed against the wall.

My understanding is that the speakers should be ear level or just above when sat and that they should be facing each other (left to right). im either going to to use floorstands or floating shelves.

Im very new to the atmos scene but thats the understanding i have from all the information ive seen online.


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Hi, have either of you guys found a good set up that you are happy with?

I too can't really move the sofa away from the wall, but really want to get a system with rear speakers. Are you happy with your surround sound & Atmos performance having the rears set up as you describe above?


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I havent got my rears set up yet ive been holding off until my new sofa comes (monday fingers crossed) once setup ill report back here on how i find them for you.

I can tell you though even just using the bar and sub you still get abit of a surround sound feel due to the side firing speakers so im really looking forward to getting the rears up and running asap.


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No not yet, been doing lots of research though. Looks like I've left it too late for the HW-Q90R, as it's last year's model and there's no stock left anywhere, but i'm looking at other options for ones that have rear speakers


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Id keep an eye out on here and the classifieds as ive seen a few members who have upgraded to this years models saying theyve got the hwq90r to sell on. Check the Q950T thread for said members and send them a PM. its definately worth it if you cna you get one mate.


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So last night i set up the rear speakers ive put them on floating shelves and are just above ear level, facing across the sofa (facing each other) but angled slightly toward the front of the sofa.
I need to fine tune the volumes etc but straight out the box i ran the ATMOS AMAZE trailer and the effect worked really well. It even gave the mrs goosebumps when the rain fell.


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Good stuff, thanks for the update ! I picked up an ex demo unit earlier this week from RS for £845, have set it up in our flat where speakers can only be placed about 3 foot behind sofa and the rears seem a bit quiet. I've not been able to try any of the lossless atmos MKV or M2TS demo files yet as my Panasasonic DP-UB820 doesn't seem play these formats via it's usb port ("audio not supported") and my 4 year old telly doesn't support earc (getting new telly when black Friday comes around).

Moving house in a couple of months where speakers will have to be directly behind sofa (hence original question in post 3) , like your set up, so it's good to know that you're happy with the out of box performance with the speaker locations (-:

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