Question samsung q90r soundbar ARC connection issue.


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Hi guys i could so with some help please

if i explain my tv setup first. i have a samsung Q9 tv with the one connect box. this paired with samsung Q90R soundbar,
i have them connected via hdmi cables. the hdmi cable connects the ARC on my soundbar top the ARC on my TVs one connect box. i then have my set top box and firestick connected to the standard hdmi ports on the one connect box.

The tv and soundbar was working fine until last night when i suddenly noticed the sound had started coming from the tv speaker and not the soundbar. i tried to send the sound back through the soundbar but was unable to select the hdmi connection on the tv. i used to have 4 choices when selecting how the audio is played from my tv. tv speaker, hdmi, wifi, optical,
now i only have 3 as the hdmi choice dose not appear at all.

i have tried 3 different hdmi cables i have tried changing sounces on both the soundbar and on the tv although never having the HDMI choice on my tv to get the sound back through the soundbars hdmi / arc sound.
the soundbar appears to be working fine as i have connected it via wifi and the sound is fine for normal tv but i have lost the dolby didgital+ from my firestick and on occassion the wifi sound drops out so would love to get back to arc audio

if anyone can help please.

i am wondering if the arc hdmi port on either my one connect box or on the soundbar has died ? does anyone know how i could fins this out or test the fact ?


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Easy to fix I had that once too last year. Follow these steps

1. Take off electricity of TV and bar. Remove all hdmi cables.

2. Hold on power button TV to drain last electricity for 20 sec

3. Leaves everything like this for 30 min.

4. Put electricity back and switch on TV and bar

5. Switch soundbar to

6. Put back hdmi cables and make sure the last one is the hdmi cable for the soundbar and the TV.

Your problem is solved. I had this in the first week when the soundbar was released. Idiots from Samsung had no idea how to fix it, I got it from community Samsung members. After this I never had the issue... Just out of curiosity, did you update the Soundbar to the latest firmware? You need to update twice ;p there is a very big post here on the soundbar too.

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