Samsung q90r died, need help for a new tv.


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Aug 2, 2021
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Hello I am new and am looking for some help.

I am looking for a new 55 inch TV and need some advise.

I used a Samsung q90r but sadly it died and Samsung can not repair it anymore.
Samsung can give me a new q95t as a replacement. If I dont want it I can get 70% of my money back, that I payed in my local market (I payed 1700 Euro). I liked my q90r and I just want a similiar TV.

I use my TV for:
  • watching Blurays with 90% subtitles
  • watching a lot of 4:3 content
  • the Tv will be my PC monitor
  • PC Games
  • watching Animes
  • use it for my ps4
  • use it with my panasonic UB 824 Player

I am not looking for an Oled TV and yeah, I almoast never watch content with HDR so dolby vision ist not important for me.

How is the q95t? Is it better now? I did read about dimming problems on subtitles and this is something very important for me.

Is the x90j good? I never purchased a Sony lcd. I onced owned a Sony AF9 but returned it because the abl made me crazy.

About LG I know nothing.

I live in Germany, thanks.

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