Samsung q90/ps4 pro Hdcp 2.2 error


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Hi everyone.

I'm running a samsung q90, ps4 pro & vr and yamaha htr2071 av receiver tv and receiver are on the arc hdmi port. Things have mostly been great however I just encountered an issue when using the ps4 as a dvd player (remember those?)

I've played dvd's and blurays on it before without an issue however partway through the movie it cutoff with an error

"This content is not compatible with your tv. Please connect hdmi out to the hdmi input jack that supports hdcp 2.2 on your tv"

After a quick reboot of the tv it came back on and played no problem. I've watched a couple of movies since no issues and thought it was just a blip. Then it happened again today this time fortunately just at the end credits. As far as I can tell the tv, ps4 and av receiver are fully hdcp 2.2 compliant. Seems strange its only just started happening. Is it a setting or hardware problem possibly.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue could be?

As always any help would be appreciated!


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