Samsung Q80T configuration with Xbox SeriesX and Sony STR DN1050


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Hi all

after days of tests and attempts, I'm about to give up..

I got a new Q80T with latest firmware, a Sony STR DN1050 with latest firmware as well (my surround system is connected to it), and an Xbox Series X.

I got a few problems:

1) Xbox says the Q80T doesn't support 4k 120, while in reality it does for devices connected to hdmi4 (what I did). I tried with original Xbox cable and another 2.1 8k cable, direct from Xbox to hdmi4 of the Q80t, no way for xbox to see 120 is supported (even after reboot/power cycle of both tv and xbox). Conmecting the xbox to the Sony amp and then from there to TV is not good as the Sony is old and doesn't support HDR and other stuff, so Xbox is connected directly.

2) audio level and universal remote! At the moment I have the optical out of the TV going into the optical in of the Sony amp, and that works for stereo and surround. BUT I want to change the volume level using my Universal Remote, and there's no way of making it work!

My smart remote is able to control xbox as I added it as a device, but if I add the Sony whatever I select, I command the volume only when the input on telly is on hdmi3 (where the sony is connected to telly in case I need to change its settings etc).

One idea was also ARC, enabled on q80t, enabled hdmi control on the Sony, yet no way to select as audio out on the q80t the arc port on hdmi3.

Honestly I have no idea what else to do to;

1) have q80t to be seen by xbox as a 4k 120
2) be able to control volume of audio (going to Sony STR DN1050) via smart remote

Any help/idea?


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By pure chance I solved the SECOND problem that was not possible to be solved using the Q80T smart remote configuration.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the optical cable to the Q80T, made the TV showing a message saying it was configuring the smart remote to control a new optical audio device, and it was working. So now optical out is used by telly for its own audio or the audio received from xbox on hdmi4, and it works stereo and surround, and with Smart Remote I can control TV, xbox and the volume of the STR DN1050 optical audio input.

The last problem that remains is why xbox connected to hdmi4 cannot see 4k 120 support of the q80t..


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Is input signal plus switched on for hdmi port 4 as Samsung set it to be off by default for all hdmi inputs on all their TVs.

Other than that what have you currently set under Xbox series X general TV and display options?

It seems to make a difference as whilst I have successfully got 4k/120 VRR to work, I can get my 55in q85r to say it doesn't support 4k full stop by selecting a combination of settings I know my TV doesn't support. After that point it won't go higher than 1080p i.e. no way back and the only sure fire way to sort it is to pull the hdmi cable and with HDMI-CEC enabled plug it back in so that the TV sees it as a new connection and identifies it as an Xbox.


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What size is your Q80T. If it's 49", it doesn't support 120hz I'm afraid.

Right...I have exactly that!

Didn't see that reported elsewhere, so I didn't know, thanks!

Hopefully useful for others..I can't fit anything bigger so is fine, at least I solved the audio and I know I was not doing anything wrong!

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