Samsung Q80R HDMI 2.1 update possible?


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So the next gen console PS5 is coming within few weeks and I read from different sources that PS5 will support HDMI 2.1. If I understood this right, HDMI 2.1 means that it can display up to 4k @ 120fps games on PS5 or XBSX. Now I am not certain if my television Samsung Q80R (US version) will be able to display true 4k at 120fps or won't? Secondly, is it possible that Samsung could release a firmware update to have HDMI 2.1 support so it could display true 4k @ 120fps or would that need full internal hardware panel inside the tv to be replaced? Thanks


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I was reading the Q80R only supports 120 Hz @ 2.5k .
Not 120 Hz @ 4k so it might work with input Lag of 15- 17 Milli Seconds.
It says it has a Native Refresh Rate of 120 Hz with HDMI 2.1.
Was reading VB Games Beat or Type Q80R in Google for more info.
What it does is let you play without Burn In worries.
So looking to Buy PS5 or XBOX 1 X should work .
Not sure if Samsung will release a firmware Update for 4k @ 120 Hz ?
What Size TV is it ? the Bigger the Better.
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It is very unlikely that HDMI 2.0 ports can be upgraded fully to 2.1 HDMI 2.1 Explained | Everything You Need To Know | Digital Trends No the xbox series x does not run hot, a off the cuff statement by a dubious reviewer quickly retracted. Yes it has a single outlet that discharges the air and like any PC that will be warm. If it wasn't then it wouldn't be doing its job properly...


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So I took down the comment about the Xbox 1 X running hot ?
Early Testers of the Consul made comments about heat.
We all have our Favorites and PlayStation does VR.

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