Samsung Q80A, Sony X85J, Philips 706?


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Came across a few deals in my country, which makes my decision really hard.

Long story short, which would be best?
55" Samsung Q80A @ 593 £ (assuming it's VA panel)
65" Sony X85J @ 649 £
55" Philips OLED706 @ 702 £

I will need to connect to it a Denon X2400, so any known issues with Arc and this receiver will be a real drawback.
Later on a PS4 or PS5 will be connected.

Viewing distance is around 2.5 - 3.5 meters. Room is 3x4 m.

Use case: mostly movies (plex, netflix, Disney+) some games and maybe YouTube. I am watching a lot of 4k hdr content (or plan to).


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Samsung Q80A and the OLED706 are the best 2 you need to decide what type is best for you oled if room is not sunny.


The Philips will be the best overall but you'll need to manage light in your room when using HDR.
The Samsung Q80A second best, may need less light management but it will also look worse in darker conditions.

Sony X85J is not a proper HDR TV at all, file that next to the Samsung Q70A rather than the Q80A. You need Sony's X90J to get closer. See my guide:


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I went for the Philips 706 @ 684 £. Don't think we'll get a better price for on Oled. At same price was also LG A1, but from what people say here, Philips is better.
We'll come back with a feedback later on, once I get it and put it to work.

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