Samsung Q800A rattling sound with Atmos


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Hello, when playing any Atmos content on my Samsung Q800A Soundbar, I begin to hear a rattling type of noise. When I disable Atmos, the noise goes away.

Using my LG A1 and Apple TV. The Apple TV is connected to the HDMI on the TV. The Q800A is connected to the HDMI ARC/eArc port

Have the following settings on the TV
Sound Out - HDMI (ARC)
HDMI set to Bitstream
TV Sound Mode Share - ON
Sound Bar Control Mode - OFF (Atmos won't work for me with this on)
Digital Sound Output - Pass Through
eARC Support - ON

On the Apple TV - Dolby Atmos is enabled

Below Is a video of what it sounds like



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I have the same set up and have no problems at all,though I don't use apple tv but all my other streaming services work just fine from the inbuilt apps, i have my 4k blu ray player into the bar and that plays atmos fine and I also have the rear speakers for it which are brilliant.

Joe Fernand

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The ‘rattling’ doesn’t sound mechanical - it sounds like an issue with the format either the Source or the Soundbar is trying to decode.


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