Question Samsung Q7F - Soundbar and Bluetooth Headphones


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Hi All,

Recently, i've bought the Samsung Q900T soundbar, it works fine together, however when i connect my headphones and set them as the Audio Output, it's still playing sound out of the soundbar. Anyone know how i can stop this other than turning off the soundbar.

A few times my wife goes to bed, i stick my headphones on and watch tv/game and don't realise the soundbar is still turned on and quite loud and disturbing her.

On a side note, i'm also having issues with the soundbar with HDMI. I plug it in and it works for a little while and it picks up the soundbar correctly. However after a while it reverts to showing as "HDMI Receiver" instead of "Samsung AV Q900T" and whilst it plays sound through the bar, no volume controls work either on the soundbar or the tv remote.

I've now resorted to using optical cable, but i need that for other devices so have to keep switching which is annoying.

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