Question Samsung Q7F 49" One Connect - Sound Cut Out Issue - Ideas?


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I have a Samsung QE49Q7F and the sound cuts out momentarily. Just a really short cut out, say 1/4 second but it's very annoying. If I turn the TV off at the mains and restart it it may be ok for a day or two but then the fault starts again. It's completely random because some days it will do it every 2 or 3 mins, other days hardly at all. I have decided it must be the TV and most certainly the One Connect box because watching the same program on the screen in another room is perfect i.e. it's not the transmission it's the TV. I wondered `if anyone else had this fault? I know problems with Samsung One Connect are numerous (and I wish I'd not bought it but it seemed good at the time) but I've not found any mention of this particular issue anywhere else yet? Thanks for any help or ideas you have.


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The sound cuts out momentarily on what source?, built in Freeview, apps, ext box of some kind (Satellite, Cable TV) etc?
If it cuts out on Freeview have you narrowed it down to any particular channels?


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Thanks JayCee, I have SkyQ so the cut is when watching TV channels via Sky but my assumption that it's the Samsung One Connect box is because it does not happen on the TVs in other rooms where one is fed to the Sky Q Mini box via WiFi and the other via a cable. Therefore it must be the Samsung. I've not considered if it's particular channels. Why do you ask that, do you have a hunch?

p.s. I will try running an optical cable directly from the SkyQ box to the Denon amp because that will cut out the Samsung One Connect. Should solve it! :thumbsup:

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