Samsung Q70R - Why are VRR and ARC on two separate HDMI ports?


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I'm looking to set up My TV and new AVR (Denon AVR-X2700H DAB) with my PS5. I know this TV doesn't do 120Hz @ 4k (not having HDMI 2.1) - not bothered about that. I am looking to enable VRR on my TV and PlayStation. However, according to THIS VRR is only supported on HDMI 1:

"Samsung Q70R (2019)* (with Ultimate FreeSync Mode turned on & use HDMI Port 1)"

That's no good because I'm connecting my PS5 to my AVR and then the AVR to HDMI 3 on the TV which is the eARC HDMI.

I'd rather not connect the PS5 to HDMI 1 and then get the audio via the ARC hdmi - I'd prefer to keep it running through the AVR.

Any ideas?


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Just connect PS5/AVR to the ARC port of the TV and test it yourself.

VRR is not bound to specific ports so that site could just be pulling random comments from the internet trying to confirm what works.

Something to keep in mind though is local dimming on such a TV can be impacted by using VRR so if you prefer image quality you might want to leave it off.


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We have exactly the same issue on q85r/q90r as our 24Gbs 4k/120 port is 4 and eARC is 3.

However VRR works on all 4 ports on the q85r/q90r so not sure why its only being reported as working on hdmi 1

What I would say through is UK/EU model range is different to US so same model e.g. q80r has different features and they don't even have a q85r in the US lineup so I would try it for yourself :)

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