Question Samsung Q70R random brightness change in hdr?


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This issue just started on Friday with random brightness changes with HDR content, regardless of source and format.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Are there any fixes?

Basically, the brightness/contrast/backlight/whatever will pop either darker or brighter then quickly adjust back to normal.

It will happen at the same time every time, which makes me think software rather than hardware but I dont know. An example being is If I'm watching a movie it will suddenly pop darker then adjust back to normal. I can rewind and repeat it indefinitely. I figure if it was a hardware problem it would be a bit more random, as opposed to being triggered by something in the video content.
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Here you can see the sudden backlight flash between the RV's. I was able to rewind and repeat it here multiple times. Also went back and watched stuff that previously didnt have this problem, but now it does. It gets especially distracting in dark scenes.


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