Samsung Q70R 49" - Backlight failure? What to expect w/Richer sounds?


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TV: Samsung QE49Q70R
Retailer: Richer sounds
Potential fault: Backlight failure? Black/blank screen with audio only.
  • Realistically how long have others awaited from the moment of the fault being reported to a repair/replacement with Richer Sounds?
I use this as a PC screen via a dock when working from home, and is our only source of entertainment in the living room... mentioned this on the call to RS customer service this morning. Being without a TV for 3-4 would be a big issue, have obviously searched and seen mixed results.

The steps I have been made aware of.
  1. Book engineer
  2. Expect call back from engineer within a 'few days'
  3. Engineer to attend in person at home address, or collection arranged for TV to engineer's location.
  4. TV diagnosis - check the fault
  5. Report back to customer and RS the result of the investigation.
  6. Either order parts or refer to RS/Samsung Resolution (???) to resolve case. Really uneasy about this as I do not want to deal with Samsung when I purchased from RS.
  7. Customer (me) finds out what the outcome is to be?
  8. x weeks wait, TV replacement arrives.

Turned tv back on from standby after a 2 hour break, only sound was heard, no visuals. After several 'power cycles' and using various figure of 8 cables I had given up and looked to google.

One article suggested to turn off any lights and wait until dark, then using a flashlight aim this at the TV screen and attempt to make out any on screen menus by pressing the respective button on the remote.

Once room was dark and a flashlight was aimed at the screen, we could see menus and navigated to streaming services, played a movie which we could hear the audio for clearly, increased volume and behaviour was as expected. Black/blank screen throughout 15-20 minutes. Example image below.

Resolution/Future prevention
In the instance the TV is repaired, are there any preventative measures to avoid this occurring again? It is such a hassle with this process and it has not even begun, I (wrongfully) assumed it was a case of dropping the TV back to the store I purchased from and getting a call back within a few days as to the result.

I hope I am wrong, but I cannot see my TV/replacement being back with me before the 26th November (10 working days).


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TV has now been repaired which is great, despite chasing, staff/engineers were prompt and kept me updated whenever a change in status occurred, as well as emails texts being received. Booked in into a cancelled slot, which was great. Communication all round between RS and the third party repair service was good.

Parts: 2
Part number 1 : lsf490fn04 (although this seems to point to UE49MU7000T) which looks to be a comparable screen. Have not noticed any difference, yet.
Part 2: "Main board" - no part number noted unfortunately, screen replacement did not work without this being replaced after part 1 was fitted. Fortunately the engineer had this part in the van!

Comparisons of the screen:

For reference as no input was provided and for anyone else in a similar position who stumbles on this further down the line.
  1. 9 Working days from point of report submitted (11 days total) to repair. I did call in the morning to make sure it was done ASAP. Got a call back in the afternoon regarding the online form. Expect another week or two if needing an engineer to diagnose the fault for you, as I skipped this step with the research I did. Even so, an additional part was still needed.
  2. Apparently 2018 panels are the ones used for 2019 49" Q70R. Unfortunately can not find much information to link. May explain why it is a 60Hz screen, but at the time it was the only sub <111cm/49" TV with gaming features.
  3. Lead time is apparently 4-6 weeks - was not impressed by this when I chased up on one occasion, though does not matter as I was not placed in this position.
  4. With the above, loan units can be provided. This is something I was not made aware of.
  5. Coming up to 2 years since purchase date, not convinced with quality on Samsung units based on this sole experience, but RS did the necessary and will see how the TV continues to live on within its 6 year coverage period.

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