Samsung Q700T Slow Network Connection


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I bought a Q700T back in September and for a month or so it worked great.

Since then I've had recurring problems that numerous factory resets and support chats with Samsung resolve for a couple of hours and then reoccur. I'm pretty convinced it's something to do with the network card in the TV my reasoning being:

  1. Ambient mode now fails to load and crashes the TV entirely, leaving a TV with sound working but a blank screen. After a two hour live chat with Samsung they fixed this, but following day wasn't working again. I'm assuming ambient mode connects to internet to download images/location specific info.
  2. Amazon Prime, Disney+ and other streaming apps (bar Netflix) no longer work and just crash out every time I try to load them. Netflix works fine.
  3. Can no longer download apps from the Samsung app store, just get an error message when I try (even though every time I do a factory reset it now forces the reinstall of Hyundai TV that I keep having to uninstall!)
  4. When I run a speed test on via the built in browser on the TV max download speed I've seen is 175 kbps (yes kilobits) but constantly shows an upload speed of around 7-8Mbps on a line capable of 32Mbps. When I try on the browser app just crashes out entirely when I press GO.
  5. Have a wired connection via a Zyxel 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch, which feeds the TV and my Sky Q box, both on a high priority connection. LED for the line feeding SKY Q is green, while the LED for the line feeding the TV only ever shows amber, meaning the TV can't handle the same bandwidth as the Sky Q box, even when using same port and ethernet cable that would usually feed Sky Q.
Just wondered if anybody was having the same or similar problems with any 2020 QLED TV's and if they've managed to resolve them or should I just get onto my retailer to swap out as my TV is faulty?

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