Samsung q70 tv and q70 soundbar audio delay


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I been looking for a solution to this for ages and have spent days talking to Samsung with no real help.
I have a 49q70 tv a ns a q70r soundbar.

When I connect any device to the tv and use passthrough to the soundbar I have issues.

If the sound is set to PCM no problems, except I loose surround. the minute I change the sound to Dolby Digital I get a sound delay about .7 seconds roughly.

ive reset both devices to factory ive changed my hdmi cables to rule them out. if I pass sound to the tv its fine, second its Dolby Digital over arc we get a delay. and Samsung did a EDID reset.

if I connect the device/devices to the soundbars own hdmi input no delay at all.

Also if I use optical to from the tv to the soundbar - I can't get it to activate soon as optical is selected on the tv through optical - soundbar goes to s mute I have no volume controls etc.

I am at a couplete loss what to do. if anyone has any ideas or a place to point me to I would be forever grateful.

thanks :)


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to make this more confusing the TV apps running DD are fine so its only when its on passthrough there is a delay.

Samsungs response is its the cable. even though I tried several I have and a hdmi 2.1 cable


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Lol at Samsung's response.

I can understand the response if no sound at all or breaking up but how on earth can a hdmi cable introduce audio delay.

The same cable works when you use it to plug the source device directly into the soundbar so it can only be the TV itself introducing the delay when passing DD through


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exactly. it even does it when optical is connected so either the tv can't process it fast enough or there is a fault somewhere hardware/software.

im going to find a decent hdmi switch box and just plug that to the soundbar - solves it I feel. and decide not to go Samsung again after.

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