Samsung Q60 OWNERS' Thread


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I have both Samsung Q60 in 55” & 65” and am very please with our purchase. I have found an issue and wonder if anyone else has the same problem?
issue is when the tv’s are switched off, the ”surround” in sound settings and it always changes back to ”adaptive sound“ spent 1 and half hours with Samsung chat taking control of the television. Both sets have the latest software. Hopefully Samsung will update the software.


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A couple technical questions for any experienced calibrators:
1) what does the ST.2084 slider *actually* do to the PQ? It just says “adjust the ST.2084 levels of the picture.”
2) what happens when you change the color space to custom? Does that force a color gamut? The two choices are BT.2020 and DCI-P3. The problem is that you can only access the CMS for calibration if you set it to custom and then you have to pick a color gamut. But won’t different sources have different gamuts? And the fact you selected BT.2020 will bite you if the source is using DCI-P3?


I posted this seperately before I saw this thread for my tv! Watching football via any Sky HD channels on this TV is fine however when watching football on a non HD channel the quality of the picture is poor. Especially on the traditional high pitch shot, the players look blurry and it isn't great. Does anyone have a list of settings I can try to see if I can get the picture quality looking any better? Thanks


Hi, I have a 55" Q60 on the way and my current Samsung TV is using the Samsung WMN450 mini wall mount. This is VESA 200 compatible, however, Samsung are saying that the wall mount will not work with the Q60 and I would need the WMN650 wall mount.

Here's the WMN450: Samsung wmn450 m - Wall Mount for TV, Black: Electronics

Here's the WMN650: Samsung Mini Wall Mount for 33-inch to 65-inch 2016 - 2018 Model TV's (Series K/M/N/Q): TV

Maybe I'm being a bit thick but they look 99% identical but Samsung are adamant my WMN450 will not work. Anyone want to hazard a guess what the difference is? If it's simply an issue of screws to actually fit the parts to the TV then surely I can just source the correct screws rather than spend money on something I already, mostly, own?


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Hi guys, I have an issue with a 75" QE75Q6FNAT. A grey mark has appeared on the screen that looks like a patch of pixels not showing the true color just a dull grey. This mark isn't there when the TV is off and can hardly be seen on blacks but is very noticeable on white backgrounds. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. The two pictures below are 3 days apart showing the smudge in different locations.


Greetings,I bought this
Samsung Q60R QLED three weeks ago I bought the tv ,happy with it,but could anyone give me any tips with their best settings for Movie settings mode or any other HD source, Looks as if it needs tuning or the initial settings did not save when installed by installers and tuned.I did try the so called Intelligent mode,Did not make any difference.Want to get back to the stunning,clarity which I had. Even Sky HD looked good.Thank YOU
I alway use for my calibration settings. just google your model number and type in calibration settings.


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Just got mine so would also like the best settings. And what inputs for ps4, do they all have to be set to auto to display blacks correctly


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Just got the 43in model and can't remove stutter from 24p film source. Motion settings don't work!



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I had a LG nanocell sm8600 which had a light bleed issue. Returned it and got a 65 inch Q60R. Honestly I dont get why this tv gets so much flack. Its brilliant. Im loving it. What an upgrade on the LG


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I noticed that the tv does not support DTS over HDMI. My question is if I hook it up to a Yamaha RX-V583 (which does support DTS) will I still get DTS via the receiver if I watch Plex or Netflix?


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Only got my Q60R 55" delivered Thursday and find 4k streaming brilliant compared to washed out dull colours I was getting previously.
But, I'm having a problem where my it won't let me use passthrough when Onkyo TX-NR636 is in standby mode. Have not touched the receiver as it always worked fine with older Samsung 6800 set
I don't know if this is still active . I replaced 2 HDMI cables from cable box to onkyo and the output to the tv using 4k cabling. Also removed power from both tv and receiver ( causing reset )My atmos HDMI2 has worked ever since.

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