Samsung PX2370 SyncMaster LCD|LED Horizontal flicker


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Monitor is new- PX2370 SyncMaster from Samsung
Video Card - 4890 PowerColor from Radeon ATI Catalyst 10.11
OS- Win XP home edition 32bit SP3.

Hello to everyone, I'm new here and after a long 6 days search online for a solution I've come here.

This is my problem. When I'm in 1920x1080 resolution through HDMI or DVI imputs I'm getting a Horizontal Glitch\flicker type of anomaly. I dont know what words to discribe this as. It happens when I'm playing any game and I move the camara around quickly to any side. THe image brakes in some places with horizontal lines here and there. No distortion, just what seems like the image cant catch up or is lagging. Also when viewing HD video and there is fast movement, say, Fire, there is horizontal lines but just in the moving image. Im very confused and frustrated.

I did try it on a Dell LCD\LED monitor and had the same problem as well as on a Samsung LCD TV. It might be my video card, but before I baught this LCD\LED monitor I had a old monitor from the 90's which never had any of these problems.

Thank you all in advance. I'll await patiently but the thought of :suicide: crosses my mind.


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Enable vSync and see if it goes away in games.

If it does then it's tearing, which is perfectly normal and not a fault.

Ideally you want to turn triple buffering on but not enough games support it, vsync is the next best thing but does have an impact on your frame rate.

I don't know what's happening with the video though. Is it an unscaled, progressive video and not upscaled, deinterlaced or otherwise processed?


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Hey thanks for your reply. I did turn on the Vsync in games, it seems it was on already but had to turn it off then on again for it to sync with the new monitor. As for the video. I found that if I use VLC player, the lines go away. It must be something with the codecs for WinAmp.

I have a new problem now. After uninstalling video drivers and catalyst control, my splash screen for my mobo (ASUS PT6) comes on twice. Once when I boot up, then after the bios checks for drives (all the sudden it finds none but still boots from HDD). Very strange though it hasnt affected the OS or anything else,...Yet.

Thanks again for your help.

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