Samsung PS60F5500 plasma screen image noise!!!


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Hi All,

I have been having this TV for 4 months now and it has been a completely nightmare for me since then.

This TV produces an annoying buzz sound from the screen and it is still audible even when the sound of the TV is quite loud. I have been trying to contact seller and Samsung many times and this problem was not resolved.

What is worse now is the image noise... Noise is particular worse in darker area. See the uploaded images (when I took the pics I was running a grey patch test from my laptop connected via a HDMI cable). This image noise is noticeable especially in HD channel and blue-ray movie in the darker areas.

I was completely shocked by the company which Samsung hired for a home visit. They said it is polarisation, which is normal to all the plasma TVs. Then they said all the plasma TV is subject to 'ageing' after 3-4 months use so it is NORMAL...

Honestly I didn't see where the 'normal' is... Anyone can advise on this please?



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The buzzing is normal and it's due to the capacitors that need to fire at high charge to power the screen and agitate the plasma to produce the image. As a rule the brighter the screen the louder the buzzing but to be honest with normal use (sound anything over 12-15) the buzzing fades into the background and can only be heard on quiet and silent moments.
I went into the sound settings and to the equaliser and set everything except the balance to 2 click from far right and that increases the sound a little so you don't need the tv as loud to hide the buzzing.

As for the image noise it's what's known as pixel dithering and is normal with all plasma panels. Its basically down to the tolerance variation in voltage to agitate the plasma cell to create a specific colour and the fact that some alter colour at a slightly different voltage to other cells and also the voltage variation across the panel as cells use the supplied voltage. It's only noticeable on dark backgrounds and from really close to the screen. People have eliminated it by upping the voltage supplied to the panel but you risk permanent damage to the tv. As I said earlier it's normal and nothing to worry about.

Over time you're plasma screen will age and the image does become better but this depends on how much you use it which determines how quick your plasma panel ages. Another thing is to get the setting set up correctly to give you the best possible image most people who are disappointed with a plasma are so because of poor tv settings rather than faults with the tv.


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Thanks for your reply.

I understand the slight buzz from plasma screen is normal however I am sitting 5 meters away from the screen and with a loud sound (25-30) from the TV program I can still hear the buzz. Is this still normal?

The noise just drives me crazy when I watching it


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the buzzing can be directional what people have said in other threads is that the buzzing cant be heard once the tv is wall mounted or if you put it on a slightly lower or higher stand. my sound is at 10-12 and I can hear the buzzing if im laying on my sofa or I move directly in the middle of the tv. anywhere else and its fine as the buzzing is almost inaudible. my tv stand was originally intended for a 42" tv but as its rated at 45kg can easily take the weight of my F5500. what it does mean is that its 6-8" higher than most tv stands made for larger size tvs and I do think this helps to eliminate the buzzing sound.


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Another F5500 owner here, the issues you describe are normal. Our PS60F5500 has a audible buzz that changes when you move your head or when the screen content changes. As for the pictures and screen noise you describe, it is indeed called dithering and again our PS60F5500 does this (actually i've noticed it on every Samsung Plasma i've owned but not LG for some reason)

If you play with the brightness and or contrast settings, lowering one or the other usually takes care of it.

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