Samsung PS59D6900 to Onkyo 609, trying to get ARC to work...


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Hi all,

As above im trying to get the ARC function to work between TV and amp.

Have amp set:

HDMI Control = ON
ARC Function = Auto

HDMI (high speed) lead between HDMI 2 of TV and HDMI output of amp.

Anynet+ set to on on TV.

Getting no sound whatsoever.

Using the TV remote to turn the volume up/down does actually alter the volume on the amp and a pop up box appears on the screen with the amp name and volume, but no sound.

Anything im doing wrong?! :confused:


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As already mentioned the D6900 doesn't support ARC over the HDMI for some mad reason. I've just run an optic from the TV to the TX-NR809 and all ok. Hopefully a future firmware upgrade will open p the ARC facility, surely it can't be that difficult over 1.4a???


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Totally bizzare!

Cheers chaps, saved me a lot of messing (although already enough spent!) trying to get something to work that would never work. :D


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I Keep hearing different things about this, some reviews have said it has got it, others it hasnt and i agree the official spec sheet says it doesnt.

however before you give up those that say it has have it say its EITHER on Hdmi 2, or HDMI 1, so try it on HDMI 1 and see if somehow it works...


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Asked the question via email to samsung support last night for confirmation as like yourself saw some reviews saying it supported ARC.

The response was:

"I have checked the specs of this model, and according to my information, this model has 4 HDMI ports, however none of them support Audio Return Channel functionality"

For what its worth i will give it a go on HDMI 1 though.....

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