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Owned this Plasma for about 7 years. Keen not to ‘dump it’ because of outstanding PQ.
3 current issues and would appreciate any help advice.
In decreasing importance of getting sorted. Issue number 1 is by far and away the biggest pain to overcome.

1 The TV always ‘locks up’ in the early stages after being turned on. By this, I mean that after a short period of time, the TV fails to respond to any commands on the remote. The remote is clearly working because I can see the small red LED on the TV flashing (i.e. in receipt of a command). When locked up, the LED flashes quickly. Not so, when the TV performs normally. When locked up, I cannot change channel, cannot change AV source, etc. If I am part way through a change and the channel info box is displayed, it stays displayed. no changes can be made to anything. The existing TV programme (or AV source) continues playing though.

I can only resolve this by going to the main power (wall socket) and powering on and off. I normally have to do this twice in a period of say 30 minutes. After those 2 on/offs, the TV normally behaves itself.

2 I have no idea if this is connected to point 1 but there are now two vertical parallel lines of pixels on the left side of the screen, about 5 and 7 cm in from the edge. Best described as ‘fizzing pixels’. They are there all the time - visible against all backgrounds and even when I have a dark screen up (e.g. HDMI source but source not powered up). I suppose I’ve learned to live with them and adverse effect they have on PQ, but it would be good to know likely reason, if it can be fixed or the sign of terminal failure.

3 again, not sure if linked to 1 or 2, but the wifi adapter seems kaput. Won’t see my router. Tried a wifi dongle but it doesn’t play nicely with the Samsung OS.

Any thoughts much appreciated. Than you.

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