Samsung PS51E6500 on/off issues


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would really appreciate any help in trying to sort out this problem.
TV is normally turned off at mains overnight. When turned on at mains next day, all normally OK. TV turns on as it should via on/off button on remote.
However, if TV then turned off with remote and left for a period of time, it often will not then turn on again without powering down at the wall socket.
Symptoms are that when aiming remote at TV and pressing on/off, instead of the red led on the TV flickering once & then TV turning on, the red led flickers rapidly for as long as the on/off is pressed. Nothing else happens - the TV will not turn on. The only solution is powering on/off at the wall socket.
Any help much appreciated. Interestingly this problem happens mainly when the TV has been turned off for say 30min or longer. If I turn off the TV with the remote and then immediately turn it back on again, all seems OK.


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Probably duff electrolytic caps in the power supply.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Being totally inexperienced in such matters can I ask if this is something that can be fixed at a reasonable cost?
If yes, then I guess I need to try and find someone to carry out the repair. I don’t really want to be lugging around a 51”plasma, but may have no choice.


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The easiest and least labour intensive way is just to source a replacement power board, or get a professional repairman in to replace the board or the capacitors.
You would need to ask for a quote.

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