Samsung PS51D550 or Panasonic TXP50ST30?


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Hi everyone,

I am currently in a toss-up between the Samsung PS51D550 and the Panasonic Viera TXP50ST30. I was almost sold on the Panny, but the issues with green tinges has put me off somewhat, and the Sammy has now got my attention, with great reviews, cheaper price and an extra inch in screen size. However, one of the dealbreakers for me on this choice is the screen reflection that I have noticed people complain about in regards to this Samsung model.

I have already posted on another part of these forums for advice on the Samsung's reflection issues, but I also need some general advice on what people think is the best deal out of the following:

  • From John Lewis: I can get the Panasonic with 2 free pairs of 3D glasses and a free five year warranty, for £699.
  • From Pixmania: I can get the Samsung for £616 including delivery, but only with one year standard warranty and no 3D glasses.

Firstly, which do you think is the better deal? Secondly, which do you think is the better TV? Thirdly, weighing up the best deal vs the best TV, which do you think I should go for?

Thanks in advance!


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The Panasonic is the better deal - from an established UK seller with stores (unlike Pixmania, online only, based in France, part of DSG, i.e. Currys), plus the 5 year warranty and the glasses which must be worth a hundred quid alone. So if you want 3D, you'll need to pay for the glasses which will make the Samsung more costly in the long run

I assume you've read the review of both TVs on here

Not everyone has the green blobs, just don't go looking for issues ;) If a gamer, the Samsung plasmas always had a rep for image retention (may have sorted that now) and also more lag. the Samsung will be brighter but the blacks greyer

One extra inch on the diagonal screen size will be unnoticeable

I would probably choose the Panasonic, depending on your uses, although it isn't a pretty TV (Samsung looks better). Move quickly as JL special deals sell out very quickly at this time of year (especially once this forum gets a sniff, not to mention hotdeals)!


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Thanks for your advice.

Yes, I think the Panasonic is definitely the one I'd prefer now. I do a fair amount of gaming, usually repeated Team Deathmatch levels on COD, so there could well be some image retention problems I'd come across if I got a Samsung, due to the HUD.

I'm not overly worried about the green issue either, as from what I've seen it can often be hardly noticeable and as many have said it can disappear once the set is broken in.

Also, I do think the reflection on the screen of the Samsung could be hard to get used to, as I have a 37" Panasonic at the moment, which is not noticeably reflective in any light, so would be hard to adjust to one that is known for reflection.

You are right, the 3D glasses and 5 year warranty would be worth a lot - around £300 I think it works out.

Unfortunately I can't order it until next month due to paycheque timing, so if lots of people get the same idea then I may well miss out. I will have to leave this one in the 'laps of the gods' - if it's still around by the second week of January I'll definitely get it!

Thanks for your advice and information - much appreciated!
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